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What are the videos for?


To be able to send to clients and agencies as well as polaroids. Videos show you in a natural form but in action. Imagine the number of mother agencies worldwide presenting models to agencies that are constantly receiving models and to stand out of the masses it is important to give your best. That's why JAMI Models likes to go above and beyond for our models and present something that will get the attention of the agencies, that being a good quality video, a presentation speaking in English with good direction and good energy to arouse interest in the agency that will hire you. This video will make a difference and help you to stand out for yourself from the ordinary.


Here are the directions on how to make videos that are similar to the Polaroids.

The location


A  white wall and the most important: Best during clear daylight.





  • First Outfit - A skinny black trousers, basic black tight t-shirt, black high heels.

  • Second Outfit - Black bikini or black underwear, black high heels, with no details, no lace, not push up as this should be basic and natural.

  • No -  Long neck,  long sleeve, details or names of a brand in the clothes, not boots, and no accessories. 

Good mood


Feel good about yourself. It is one of your best skills! Be confident when doing the videos, this will help show your essence and personality.




Underarm, bikini area and legs, arms, and fluff if necessary should be shaved. Remember working as a model includes cleanliness and being presentable. 


Healthy skin


Do videos only when your skin is clear and smooth free of acne.



Videos that do not follow these criteria will not be accepted.

Presentation Video - Landscape (horizontal).


  • The presentation video should be short and engaging.


"Hello, my name is xxx, I’m (your age) years old. I’m from (location) and I would love to work with you."


If you speak English well, take the opportunity to say interesting things about yourself, if you practice any sport at a professional level, if you have been working in other countries, etc. If you feel nervous and don't seem natural, just keep the example from above as a simple and accurate suggestion.


Look - Polaroid clothes, black bikini, and high heels.

 Attitude Video - (Landscape  (horizontal)


  • This is your moment to shine and play with the camera, different expressions, anger, laughter, smile, sweet, sexy, etc ... it is the moment to show your skills as a model but putting your unique essence. Take time to go from one expression to the other. 

Look - Polaroid clothes, bikini, and high heels.

Catwalk Video - Landscape (horizontal) if you don't have a good space the video can be made in portrait (vertical)


  • This is the video to show how do you work on the catwalk. No smiles, soft expression, straight posture without drooping shoulders, walk secure, and with a good winner attitude.

Look - Polaroid clothes, bikini, and high heels.

Beauty - Selfie video


  • This video is for agencies to see your face well, the expression must be serene, calm, and peaceful, you can use your hands and end with a ​smile.

Look - Strapless top. The idea is to show only your face and neck. 

Measurement Video


  • To make this video ask someone to film you taking the measurements and bring the camera/phone to show the measurements.


Look - Bikini.

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