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As a Mother Agency, JAMI with the meaning of the word MOTHER, we are receptive to assist you in whatever is necessary.


Here is useful information that will be important for your development with Jami and with future agencies that you will work with.


  • What do we need from you?


Fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page. This form allows us to have access to all your data and to know even more about you and will allow us to do our job better.


Once you fill out the registration form we will send you the contract. We can only disclose your material on the website and social media after the contract is signed.


Copy of passport sent by email.


Complete material in a high resolution sent by email.


Polaroids. But before making the polaroids you will need to read the section polaroids and send the look you are thinking of using.

  • For a better way of working, good communication is necessary. 


E-mail - Send your material, important subjects, doubts, photos, ideas for photo shootings. It is extremely necessary to answer the emails we send, so we are aware that you have received them. Include the topic to be addressed in the subject to maintain the organization.


When sending material use apps like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc ... in high resolution. Include in the email the Instagram of the professionals involved in the production eg: photographer, makeup artist, stylist, etc ...


Whatsapp / Messenger - Urgent matters, calls, assistance, questions that require a quick response.


Instagram - Tag Jami and the agencies you work for because it will give you more visibility. A product that is not seen is a product that is not sold. In addition to keeping the agency informed of the latest work, you have been doing regardless of whether it is a job done with Jami.



  • Website and social media 


Jami Models will only post your material on the website and social media after you send your complete material: book, polaroids, and good quality videos. Remember that we are not interested in quantity, but quality, if your material is not on the website or on social media it means that you are still in the process of preparing to have the right material that will provide you with a good book to get good agencies. Good things take time! Jami Models has no interest in getting contracts with agencies that do not have a good reputation just to sell the models, our intention is to make your career grow and for that a good material is necessary.


Please click on the buttons below and fill out the application.

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