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Can Instagram Make or Break a Model Career?

Can Instagram make a or break a models career?

Instagram allows a client to see another layer of a model, their lifestyle and interests as well as what they look like on a day to day basis. Social medias are being used, whether we like it or not, by clients to look a model before they consider booking her/him for a shoot. So in a way, Instagram is now an extension of their portfolios.

Some models think that in order to sparks interest from followers, they need to post overtly “sexy” pictures of themselves. I believe the focus should rather be about creating tasteful and strong posts that reflect that particular model’s career, personality, and interests, without trying to seek validation from others.

Social media gives people the freedom to show who they are. If sexy, foodie, sporty, comedian, is what you are, then yes! You do not need to only be one specific character in order to make you relevant. Find what you love and then let that lead you, but do it with your core values at heart, not to please others.

When a model hears from an agency that they have to improve their Instagram, they automatically think they need more followers, and numbers don't always matter. Good clients will hire professional models with good skills regardless of how many followers they have. The priority of a model is still they portfolio. But taking care of the social media presence is to focus on the career in a smart way because we know that a visual industry requires visual apps and the right content can really help the career or slow it down .

Instagram is a powerful content creation tool that allows us to create authentic personal image identity.

Good content is telling a true story well.


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