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Jami Models was founded in 2018 by model Jackie Almeida. Driven by a passion for fashion and experience acquired over 15 years, Jami Models was born. An international agency (Mother Agency) that represents and develops models in the fashion industry.


JAMI Models develops, prepares, and launches models on the international market. For this to happen, teamwork is necessary. It is very important to understand that to enter and remain in the world of fashion, beauty is not what prevails. We are interested in authentic, intelligent, versatile, professional, creative, responsible models with good interpersonal skills. If you do not fit these parameters, we are here to help you.

Understand what JAMI Models stands for. An agency created by a woman with the desire to empower young women, which means YOU! And for this to happen, good communication is essential.

Here are some quick guidelines to get you started:

  • Did we or the agencies you are signed send an email? 

       Answer quickly. It will show that you are responsive and eager to work together with us and other agencies. 


  • In the contract, it says that you should put on your profile that you work for JAMI Models and that you should tag JAMI Models on everything that is related to work on social networks. This lets us know that you are serious about working with us, and in turn, we will be serious about working with you. Your success matters to us, but it has to start with you. 


  • Did you receive new material from a photoshoot or a recent job? 

       Send it our way. We love to see your material and may help to better promote you on our social media channels, our website, and more importantly, our conversations with other agencies that want to hire you.


All of this facilitates the dissemination of your work, resulting in a greater receptivity from the agencies and clients.


We work with a lot of love for you and therefore maximum dedication to following these simple guidelines will really make a difference in your trajectory with JAMI Models and in the fashion world.

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